Long Distance Medical Transportation

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Traditionally, a gurney transport would be a non-medically assisted transportation. Releases, transfers or transport when the client is medically stable, but needs to be in supine position during travel and require the assistance of an EMT and a driver in a specialty vehicle capable of accommodating stretchers and staff. On-board refreshments, blankets, pillows and any other personal care amenities, are provided during long trips, for added safety and comfort. Our gurney transport service is provided by specially equipped full size air-conditioned transport specialty vehicles.

Long distance transport of this type is our specialty. We are cost-effective and utilized often in this manner. Please call with the details of your transport needs and we will conscientiously arrange all aspects of your transport.

We make it easy.

MTS strives to be available and flexible, whether we're working within or without a service contract. Our reliable and efficient services are available 24/7 to ensure timely transportation.

We make it safe.

Our on board crew is knowledgeable, highly skilled and are CPR certified, with expertise in Conflict Resolution and infection control. And of course, they have the extensive driver training you'd expect from a transportation companies. MTS's intense focus on health and safety, and our heavy investment in both patient care and driver training, has made us a leader in this issue.

We make it comfortable.

At MTS, we understand that patient care is, ultimately, about people. That's why our recruitment and training practices also involve interpersonal skills and compassion. A positive bedside manner makes for a positive transport experience.

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